Author: Alaila Coleman

Personal Essay

Dreaming of Japan

The last time I did something for the first time Being part of a study abroad program in Japan was a dream come true for me. Ever since high school, I had set a goal for myself to study in a different country, and Japan had always fascinated me with its rich culture, history, and […]

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Tea cups of matcha and bamboo whisks to blend the matcha with water
Feature Story Kyoto

Traditional tea ceremony in Kyoto

Nestled amidst the tranquil beauty of Kyoto, the traditional tea ceremony holds a revered place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike. Travelers can immerse themselves in the essence of Japanese culture as they are transported to a realm of serenity and harmony. The tea ceremony in Kyoto is regarded as an art form, […]

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Entrance veiw of Ryozen Kannon statue.
Feature Story Kyoto

Unveiling the serene majesty of Ryōzen Kannon

In the heart of Kyoto, a serene sanctuary silently stands, captivating travelers with its ethereal presence. The majestic Ryōzen Kannon is a renowned Buddhist temple that exudes tranquility and reverence. Nestled amidst the lush greenery of the Higashiyama mountains, this hidden gem invites visitors to dive into a world of spiritual solace and contemplation. Approached […]

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The high volume of pedestrians crossing the crosswalk during a red light at Shibuya Crossing
Feature Story Featured Tokyo

Shibuya Crossing: the busiest crosswalk in the world

Shibuya Crossing, also known as Shibuya Scramble Crossing, is a famous pedestrian intersection located in Shibuya, Tokyo. It holds significant cultural and symbolic value for several reasons. For visitors who want to experience the vibrant youth culture of Japan, Shiuya Crossing is the place to be. With colorful personas of cosplay, trend-setting fashion and shops […]

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SJMC Group at the entrance of infamous Harajuku Street
Feature Story Tokyo

Japanese pop culture makes its way to America

As the world grows increasingly interconnected, Japan’s vibrant, captivating pop culture is making waves across the Pacific, leaving a deep impression on American entertainment and capturing millions of hearts and minds. From anime and manga to J-Pop and fashion, the creative forces of Tokyo have become a wellspring of inspiration, fueling a cultural exchange that […]

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Photo of Tokyo Tower ascending into the clouds, highlighting the hight of the structure
2023 Daily Blog Posts

Tokyo tales: an iconic day two

The second full day called the Texas State School of Journalism and Mass Communication students to several iconic Tokyo sights. Our group took an engaging tour of Tokyo Tower, heard valuable tips from the Tokyo bureau chief of the Wall Street Journal and finished off with an electrifying game at the ballpark! Insightful advice from […]

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Alaila Coleman

Hi! My name is Alaila Coleman, and I am a senior at Texas State University in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, studying public relations. I am from Houston, Texas. I cannot wait to explore Japan for the first time! I am looking forward to exercising my mass communication skills and sharing our experiences […]

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