Author: Jamie Gonzalez

Jamie Gonzalez is a graduate student at Texas State University. She obtained her undergraduate degree in English/Journalism from Texas State in 2010. Jamie has more than a decade's worth of professional writing, editing, and content management experience.

A woman sitting on a photo prop at Arashiyama Monkey Park.
Personal Essay

A taste of Japan: how I sampled the culture and cuisine

I spent my first 30 minutes in Tokyo quietly crying in the Tokyo International Airport.  Prior to my arrival, I was feeling pretty proud of myself for my roll-with-the-punches attitude I’d had all day. I’d been traveling about 30 hours, 17 of which were in the air, and only about five of which were spent […]

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Personal Essay

A professional discovery: finding a new part of me

My mother has spent the last 30 years of her life as a teacher, molding the minds of the youth. My only explanation for how she has survived this career path is that she is a superhuman, à la The Flash, or Wonder Woman.

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exterior of kyoto shimbun
Feature Story Kyoto

Kyoto Shimbun: a chronicle of tradition and modernism

Take a look inside the pages and the process of the Kyoto Shimbun.

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Feature Story Featured Tokyo

Exploring the vibrant tapestry of Tokyo’s hidden gems: an insider’s perspective on Time Out Tokyo

Take a look inside the pages – and the offices – of Time Out Tokyo.

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the SJMC Japan team takes a selfie at the Tokyo International Airport
2023 Daily Blog Posts

またね! Mata ne!

The SJMC Japan Team says goodbye to Japan as the students make their way back to Texas, their pets and, of course, Whataburger.

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Jamie Gonzalez

About Me My name is Jamie Gonzalez and I am a graduate student in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication (SJMC) at Texas State University. I completed my undergraduate degree at Texas State as well, and have a bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in journalism. In my professional career, I have worked […]

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