About Tyra Williams

About Tyra Williams

From a young age I’ve always understood the power of storytelling; whether it be through journalism, film, books, or even social media. My fascination with television, books, and movies has never faded away. The ability to captivate an audience will forever be astounding to me. I am currently seeking a Bachelor of Science Major in Electronic Media and Mass Communication. After obtaining my degree, I will pursue my goals to work in television broadcast or the film industry.

I am an avid member of the Texas State Speech and Debate team, full-time student and full-time waitress. When I’m not working, studying, or competing I spend my free time by doing what most college students do: binge-watching every new Netflix show. However, these shows only inspire me to write my own scripts and jolt new ideas. When I’m not binge-watching Netflix shows I’m either drawing or editing videos.

Travelling out of the country has always been a long dream of mine, especially to Japan. My initial spark in the country came from manga and anime, similar to any other child who grew up watching Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon. As I got older I understood that these animations that I loved watching was only a small sector in the world of Japan. There was years of history and culture that I was missing. I am so excited to visit Japan that I am sure all of my co-workers, friends and family members are sick of hearing me talk about Japan.

All in all, I’m ecstatic to share this experience with a bright group of individuals and then transfer this journey with you.

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