About me

Hi, everyone, I’m Bre Citizen, an incoming junior at Texas State University majoring in digital media innovation. I’m a huge sports fanatic, and my all-time favorite professional team is the New Orleans Saints. My favorite sports to participate in are rugby and swimming, and I am even a kids’ swim coach. I love teaching and making a difference in today’s youth.

I am also a fan of all digital media, particularly video games, movies and podcasts.

While I am majoring in DMI, my minor is theater arts. I loved watching movies growing up, but I was always more interested in the acting. Attending Texas State has developed that interest further, and I am pursuing acting while obtaining my degree.

My mom and me in Washington D.C

My travels

While I’ve done some traveling within the United States, I’ve never left the country before.

Some places I’ve been:

  • Washington, D.C.
  • New Orleans
  • Las Vegas
  • New York
  • Miami

I’m excited to finally travel past the U.S borders for the first time and learn new things to enhance my knowledge of digital media and learning to tell visual stories.

I’ve been working so hard to make this trip a reality. I did this by maintaining a high GPA and a lot of saving up. I’m excited to meet new people and see a whole new world.

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