Hi everyone! My name is Brianna Archer and I am a senior at Texas State University studying electronic media and sociology! In my free time, I enjoy hanging out at the San Marcos River, shopping, and geeking out over movies and TV shows.

I have a newfound love of traveling, discovered when I spent a couple of weeks in Europe in 2021, and when I saw the flyer for the School of Journalism and Mass Communication’s trip to Japan, I knew I had to go! Some of the things I am most excited about are riding the Shinkansen (bullet train), eating at some cool-themed restaurants, and all things Hello Kitty! I am a bit of a “Jackass” franchise fan, and am so excited to get to see where some scenes from the first movie were filmed. I am currently freaking out just a little bit to think that this time next week we will be flying over the Pacific Ocean on our way. Make sure to follow us on Instagram to keep up with all of our adventures!

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