My name is Dylan Knight. I grew up in Canyon, Texas. I am a current advertising major and art minor at Texas State University. Last summer, I began my position as an AppleCare College Advisor with Apple. It has been a dream come true to hold this position, for I have always been a fan of Apple devices and what the company stands for in the technology industry.

Throughout my entire time at Texas State, I have intended to study abroad. This trip to Japan will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that my classmates and I will not soon forget. Japan has always interested me due to the vast cultural differences that it embraces compared to the United States. It is my final opportunity to study in such a way and I am elated to have seized the opportunity.

Outside of work and school, my hobbies keep me busy and content. By working with my hands and creating, I am able to spend hours on end entertained and happy. Lately my interests include 3D printing, Dungeons and Dragons, video games, painting and photography. Throughout the last two years I have continually pushed myself to learn new software to aid me in my hobby of 3D printing. Using this newly found knowledge, I am in the process of 3D printing a wearable Dark Knight suit from The Dark Knight Trilogy with Christian Bale. The movies have always been a huge part in my life since their release starting with Batman Begins, therefore this opportunity to become the caped crusader myself will be a dream come true.

Next stop, Japan.

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