Howdy! My name is Elian Reyes, and I am a international relations senior at Texas State University. I am looking forward to this opportunity to study abroad in Japan! I am most excited about experiencing Japan’s stunning architecture, beautiful landscapes and the country’s efficient shinkansen (bullet trains).

A little about me: I grew up in a small rural town called Royse City, Texas, so naturally I acquired the desire to escape my city. Once I got to college, I developed a strong passion for global affairs and cultural exchange. I enjoy being exposed to different cultures, and I am eager to broaden my horizons and deepen my understanding of international dynamics. Professionally, I am seeking to expand my work in diplomacy or international development. I intend to use my skills to contribute to meaningful global change. My goal is to leverage my academic background and experiences abroad to foster international cooperation and effective policy-making.

On a personal level, I’m incredibly excited about the opportunity to study in Japan. Drawn by Japan’s advanced technology and unique blend of tradition and modernity, I look forward to immersing myself in the culture, improving my Japanese language skills and forming lasting connections. This experience will not only enhance my academic knowledge but also provide invaluable insights into Japan’s role on the global stage.

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