My name is Kaylie Kruk, and I am one of the fellow students joining Dr. Gilbert D. Martinez and Ms. Sara Shields on the School of Journalism and Mass Communication Education Abroad trip to Japan. I am an electronic media senior with a popular culture minor at Texas State University. My hometown is a small, East Texas town called Lufkin. My career goals include working for a big name TV broadcasting company as either a news anchor or news reporter.

This will be my first time traveling outside of the country, and while I’m a bit nervous, I’m even more excited! Ever since my high school freshman history teacher shared her experience of visiting Japan, I have wanted to go there. I started planning this Education Abroad trip two years ago when I began my application for the 2023 Japan trip. Unfortunately, my plans changed, and I couldn’t commit to the trip. However, I am incredibly excited and grateful that this year’s plans are working out!

I am looking forward to many things in Japan, including immersing myself in the culture, seeing beautiful shrines, temples and castles, riding on the bullet train, enjoying the street life of Tokyo and, of course, the yummy food! My goal is to complete my coursework on time and produce well-written blog posts and thoughtfully crafted social media posts.

See you in Tokyo, Japan!

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