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Confessions of a shopaholic: Tokyo edition

It is no secret to trend keeper-uppers across the globe that Tokyo is home to a vast majority of shopping hubs and some most of the most recent fashion movements. Tokyo is essentially the New York City of Asia, and for anyone looking to update their wardrobe, traveling here should be on your bucket list, if not already in your planner. While I did not get a chance to visit every single one of the shopping areas here, I did stroll through a few when we were given free time in Tokyo during our study abroad trip. Based on what I discovered while on city tours and spending sprees, I have curated a guide to a few of the major districts. In a very short summary, they are filled with an overwhelming amount of stores covering all price ranges, and designers that are usually deemed exclusive are all very accessible to you.


Ginza, Ginza, Ginza. Where do I start? These were my exact thoughts as I walked off of the subway, up some flights of stairs, and to one of the most well-known shopping districts in Tokyo. I found myself anxious but in the best way. Dior, Valentino, Fendi, and Prada storefronts radiated the streets on a rather gloomy day. Ginza is also home to the world’s largest Uniqlo store — 12 stories of essential pieces at very reasonable prices.

One of the more notable names I saw was Dover Street Market Ginza. This particular boutique is not located just anywhere and shopping opportunities should be taken advantage of when within radius. Streetwear connoisseurs and buyers everywhere will especially find pleasure in this multi-story boutique. Whether your preference is Supreme, Bape, or Jungles Jungles, there is something there for you.


Renowned for its more outgoing style, Harajuku houses a variety of shopping opportunities including second-hand shopping, a must-see Nike flagship, and contemporary streetwear. Arriving to this district via Takeshita Street, you will come across various thrift stores that lead you to yet another large area of places to expand your closet including Vivienne Westwood, Burberry, Palace, Human Made, and Nike. This is a variety of things to process, I know, but this is what my eyes were drawn to strolling down the Omotesandō area of this district. Even if you don’t necessarily plan on purchasing something from every store, it’s highly recommended you at least check out the intricate floorsets that carry all the latest trends.


The Aoyama area of Tokyo reminded me of a more compact and quieter Ginza, but with a plentiful amount of luxury stores still well within reach, some even duplicates of what I had already seen. My first stop was Acne Studios. This luxury fashion house serves customers chic boutique vibes with the most recent ready-to-wear fashions, leather goods, and footwear on display. The Off-White Tokyo flagship, “SOMETHING & ASSOCIATES”, is a must-see and easy to miss if you aren’t familiar with the brand’s signature diagonal striped print. Other retail stores worth mentioning in this district are Stone Island, Alexander Wang, and Comme des Garçons.

My shopping journey in Tokyo was almost too good to be true. However, seeing how accessible some of the utmost retail stores are, it only makes sense that Tokyo is recognized as one of the most fashionable cities in the world.

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