Gardens fit for a princess: the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Gardens fit for a princess: the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

The East Gardens of the Imperial Palace are the gardens that can be found next to the palace in Tokyo. Although found on palace grounds, it is not private. Anyone is free to enter.


Walking through the entrance to the gardens makes anyone feel like royalty. Visitors must walk across a bridge over a moat to reach the towering wooden doors at the entry. Through the doors, there is traditional architecture found in the way buildings, walls and other entryways are built. These building styles are influenced by the Edo Castle during the rule of Tokugawa shogun.


Throughout the gardens, there are many flowers, but in the Ninomaru Garden, the plants bloom seasonally. In late November to early December, the trees around the water features, such as the waterfall, bloom a red color. In mid-April to early May, flowers along the paths bloom pink, white and red. The most stunning and crowd-drawing of them all are the different shades of purple flowers that bloom in the waters in early to mid-June.

Unique finds

The gardens have more to offer than just flowers. Near the entrance, there are bushes trimmed to look like some of the buildings found on the paths. There is also a waterfall guests can actually walk up to and experience in close proximity. One of the most interesting finds are the tours offered that go through areas on the private palace grounds such as the Imperial Household Agency, the Reception Hall and Nijubashi Bridge.

Must dos when visiting

  • Go on a guided tour.
  • Go down every small path. That is where to find some of the prettiest areas.
  • Visit Ninomaru Garden, especially when it is in season.

There is so much to see and do at the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace. It, for sure, needs to be a must when visiting Tokyo.


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