Mascots for different brands and such can be found all over Japan. The one that helped start the mascot trend in cities and their police stations is Peopo.

Peopo’s start

Peopo was created in 1987 with the intention of helping the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department build trust and happiness in the public. Peopo was created to be cute and have animal-like features like his counterparts. In Japan, Peopo is called Pipo-kun. It is different in English to play on the words “people” and “police.”

Peopo’s Development

A local resident, Manaka Sato, has said that Peopo’s name is what it is because it is supposed to sound like a siren on a police car. Sato also said that in 2002 her elementary school music teacher created the song, “Pipo-kun’s Theme,” which was a song about Peopo and the police department.

Peopo on the web

Peopo has a big presence on the TMPD website, so much so that he is found on every page on the website. This is not the only place he can be found on the website; the department has gone so far as to create a series of fun Peopo-themed video games. These games are designed for children to have fun while also learning about safety.

Peopo’s presence in Tokyo

When walking around the city of Tokyo, Peopo can be found everywhere. He can be found on stickers at the entrances to buildings, billboards on the street and even a plushie version of him has been seen on display. In Peopo’s 36 years of being the mascot of the TMPD,, his presence has been displayed in many different forms to keep up with the advancement of the community.

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