If you want to test your luck, Japan is the place to go. With many different Japanese rituals, you, too, can be protected by the gods.

Just my luck

When I was in Japan, there were many times where my luck was tested. The amount of luck I had while roaming the streets one night in Tokyo was astonishing.

No cell phone, no problem

The night started off with me not having my cell phone. Yes, my cell phone. This is because the night before, I messed up the screen when going to the microwave to warm up my late night snack. Because of this, my phone stopped operating. Little did I know that that was simply a blessing in disguise. Without my cell phone, I was able to fully absorb the culture like I wanted to. I was able to enjoy everything in the moment.

For example, without my cellphone, I was able to focus on feeding monkeys when a group of us went to a monkey park. Monkeys are my favorite animal so being able to do this was a big deal.

On the subway train to have an adventures night.

A might out

Now, let’s get back to the night of good luck. A few of my peers wanted to go out and enjoy the night life. Of course, I was down for the cause. We got dressed and headed out. The night was full of laughs and a whole lot of fun with a side of “Girl, you almost lost your life!”

We were heading back from the night out and since the Uber from our destination was roughly 4,500 yen (about $45), we made a decision to just walk a little closer to the hotel for a cheaper Uber. On the way to the hotel, it started raining. Good thing I brought my umbrella! (Check on the good luck there).

I noticed that not all of us had an umbrella so I buddied up with Sam so she would not be soaked once we returned to the hotel. Then, about 15 minutes later, we checked to see how far we had gone and saw that we were on a pretty good pace. We were even thinking about walking the whole way when…

I lost my umbrella buddy at the cross walk!

The cross walk sign was green and I was ahead of everyone when I noticed this change. So, while beginning to cross the intersection, I slowly turned to find Sam behind me, and then she instantly pulled me out of the crosswalk. I turned around to see two cars turning right where I was standing.

All I could think was, Dude, a car almost hit me. The car was so close to me and the driver did not even think twice about stopping.

This was clearly a huge sign of good luck, and it was time to call an uber. So, we did just that and got to the hotel for about 1,200 yen (about $12). Once I was there I was able to reflect on my luck for the night and thank Sam for being my life saver.


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