Emilee Hall

Emilee Hall

“If you can sing, dance and not be embarrassed, then you can rule the world,” -Amy Poehler

Howdy! My name is Emilee Hall. Currently, I’m a junior at Texas State University (Go Bobcats) where I major in public relations. I am a creative spirit who likes to dance funky at concerts and eat hot dogs at sporting events. During the weekdays, I’m hustling at my internships. However, on the weekends, there’s a really high chance of catching me at the roller rink in Austin skating intensely to some cheesy ’80s music. It’s what I like to do.

I’m from Paris (oui, oui), Texas. If you know me, I hope you have been reading this “Introduction of Emilee Hall” post in my sweet, slow, southern accent. If you don’t know me, use your imagination. My northeast Texan accent is an essential characteristic of who I am as an individual. Anyway, Paris, Texas, has a little replica of the Eiffel Tower with a cowboy hat on top. I thought you should know this important piece of Texas trivia.


Being from such a small city, I have always dreamed of traveling far, far away from my hometown. I love the people there, but I feel like my purpose in life is to be kind, create things, and see as much as the world as I possibly can. With this being said, I am incredibly excited and grateful to have this opportunity to travel to Japan while furthering my education in my mass communication studies.

Tokyo and Kyoto will be the highlight of my summer. I’m thrilled to learn about the culture and history of Japan. I am especially excited to see the kawaii (cute) culture of the country because I love bright, colorful things! Please join me for this awesome journey by reading my upcoming blog posts, travel essays and feature stories.

If you wish to learn more about me, please listen to this song embedded below. I believe it perfectly captures the colorful, funky spirit of who I am. Also, follow me on Instagram @Emilee_M_Hall to see all of my Japan travel pictures.

Sayonara! 🙂


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