My name is Shanell Smith, and I am a Digital Media Innovation major, and a Nature and Heritage Tourism minor. I usually get this odd look on people faces when I say this is what I am studying. I knew that if I was going to stay in college, it needed to be something that I was interested in. Journalism and Mass Communication seems to fit who I am as a person, like a glove. I am a very social person, optimistic, and forward thinking in changing how we relate with people round the world.

I watched videos based on ‘The generation of interpersonal closeness’ by Dr. Arthur Aron and realized how fascinating it was to me. I am not only interested in human interactions but also how nature, animals and our environment interact and influence one another. Before I knew any of this, I decided to take a semester off of school and join my sister in Ecuador. In the next few months I’ll have traveled to thirteen countries across two different continents. Now, I will be contributing to this blog with my classmates on our trip to Japan!

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