Grant Langford

My name is Grant Langford and I am a senior at Texas State. I’m from Georgetown, Texas, and have lived in and near Austin my whole life. I’m an advertising major in the School of Mass Communication. I am working in San Marcos this summer, but I get to leave to go take two classes in Japan! This study abroad opportunity is one of a kind, and I am beyond excited to visit Asia. I love visiting places I’ve never been to learn about cultures and what life is like in different parts of the world. I think going to different places to experience the world in new ways is important to have a broad view of life and helps you be a well-rounded person. I love to be outdoors, and some of my hobbies include mountain biking, climbing, tennis and going to the San Marcos River. Nature is important to take care of and hopefully I will be able to see some amazing spots while on the trip, while learning about mass communication!

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