Sofia Psolka before a backdrop of hydrangeas.

Sofia Psolka posing for a photo, in front of a hydrangea bush.

Sofia Psolka is a digital media innovation senior, at Texas State University.

A Slice of Sofia Psolka’s Life

Sofia looking at flowers in Zilker Park's botanical garden.

Hello! My name is Sofia Psolka, and I am a senior digital media innovation major with a minor in writing at Texas State University. I am excited about this opportunity to study abroad in Japan! I am looking forward to experiencing Japan’s culture, architecture, landscape, and traditions. I’ve recently picked up film photography, and both Tokyo and Kyoto have great sights to photograph!

A little about me: I spent most of my life in a small rural town called Belton, Texas, but I didn’t have your typical “small-town girl” experience. My dad is an east coast native, so — in an attempt to escape Texan heat — we spent a lot of our vacation time traveling to various places around the world. I’ve had the privilege of being exposed to European cultures, as well as our different national cultures.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time in my imagination and used writing to put all my ideas down. Stories got me through a lot of painful moments in my life and revealed how beautiful the world and people can be. I want to share the power of stories with others. My dream is to live in an east coast city and write for small local or global businesses or artists.

I have several hobbies, but, as my courseload increases, it’s difficult to maintain them. In my free time, I play the piano, sing along to musical theater tracks, read books from authors across the world or walk around with my film camera.

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