Kyoto seen through street views

Restaurants and shops line the streets of Kyoto, this one is on a smaller side street. This makes it feel like there’s always something to do.
There is so much greenery throughout Kyoto (and the rest of Japan). Visitors are able to tell the importance they give nature.
Tokyo isn’t the only unique place in Japan. Quirky things, like this green spiral staircase, jump out since they’re so unexpected.
On the way to Nijo Castle, trees line the sidewalks. This feature really makes it feel like home.
Varying architecture styles are seen in juxtapostion to each other. This apartment building was surrounded by others not resembling it. They looked like more traditional, older buildings.
This is what Kyoto is like; you’ll be walking down a street and you’ll look up and see a temple or shrine when you least expect it. It is truly magical.

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