Michael’s photos in search of Mount Fuji

Michael’s photos in search of Mount Fuji

My visit to Mount Fuji was hands down the most unreal place I experienced in Japan. It felt like I was in an entirely different world. The weather, shrines and lookout points all made this excursion unforgettable. If you ever get the chance to visit this place, you won’t regret it, I promise!

A small village rested at the foot of the mountain.
This beautiful torii gate marked the beginning of the path upward.
Our hike back down was laced with colorful trees.
A hidden view of the town through the trees.
A smaller torii gate next to a shrine on the mountainside.
A closer look at one of the small shrines on the mountain.
I’m not sure what this says, but it looks beautiful anyways.
It started to rain, and we franticly searched for cover right after I snagged this shot.
The Chureito Pagoda, with a hidden Mount Fuji in the background.


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