The Fushimi Inari Shrine is an astonishing sight to see. Whether you plan to stay at the shrine itself or hike the miles of trails above, there is plenty of sights to see. The vermilion architecture of the famous 1,000 gates throughout the shrine is striking and bold. The small portion of the bamboo forest I had the opportunity to walk through was one of the serene scenes of nature I have ever experienced.

Before the legendary 1,000 gates are multiple separate buildings.
The gates have kanji written on one side of them, yet are completely bare on the other side.
The place was buzzing with tourists and locals alike.
Walking down from the trails headed toward Mount Inari, the vermilion gates are a striking contrast to the surrounding nature.
A Japanese swords-woman running through forms with her samurai sword.
Student Samantha Dunn hiking the trails.
The forest surrounding the shrine is beautiful. The trees put into perspective just how tiny us humans really are.
There are a multitude of statues surrounding the shrine. This one in particular caught my eye, for the stark contrast the red has with the stone color.
The trees were glistening in the sunlight. It was a sight to behold.
A stone path guides a hiker through the bamboo forest.
Around every corner was a new awe-inspiring moment. I could have spent all day here alone.

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