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A Summary of my SJMC Japan Trip

Believe it or not, I was actually a little hesitant in the beginning. You would think it would be because traveling anywhere can be scary, but this was not my case. You see, this was my second trip to Japan, so I already knew I would do fine with the travel and immersion into the […]

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A Journey Through the SJMC Japan Trip

Here’s my video thats a compilation of some of my favorite memories from this trip. It’s done in chronological order in hopes that you will be able to feel like you were right there with us!

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Feature Story

10 Best Foods We Ate In Japan

1. Chunky Chankonabe. While on a quest to find sumo wrestlers in Tokyo, a small group of students tried this famous soup in Sumida. Chankonabe is a traditional sumo stew that consists of various vegetables and protein. It’s quite delicious, but don’t eat too much if you don’t want to gain any more weight. Traditionally, […]

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Emilee’s Photos From Kiyomizu-Dera Temple

These are my photos from my favorite temple that I visited in Kyoto. The views from the hills of this temple were breathtaking. See for yourself by clicking the photo slideshow below!

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Feature Story Kyoto

The Must-Try Kyoto Dessert

KYOTO, Japan — It was quite an adventure for the School of Journalism and Mass Communication students in the Study Abroad trip to Japan to get to Kyoto from Tokyo. The students had to ride Nozomi Shinkansen (bullet train) for over an hour, and with great travel time comes great hunger. One group of four […]

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Feature Story Tokyo

Tips to Time Travelin’ in an Arcade in Tokyo

The dos and don’ts when visiting arcades in Japan. I remember my mom telling me stories of how she used to go the roller rink and the arcade all of the time back in her youth a.k.a the 1980s. Now, when you think of roller skating and playing video games like Space Invaders, one wonders […]

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10 Most Instagrammable Spots in Tokyo

If you’re traveling to Tokyo, one of the main challenges that you’re going to face (besides jet lag, perhaps a language barrier, etc.) will be trying to see all that you can. You’ll be walking a lot, but fear not; Tokyo has a fast, immaculate subway system that’s not difficult to navigate (if I can […]

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